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Refurbishing Social Housing – The Standard Can Be Raised

Author/Issuer: Cavity Tray Standards    Added:

Article dealing with the status of window and door openings when upgrading and refurbishing existing housing stock. Article originally issued May 2006 by Cavity Trays of Yeovil BA22 8HU

Social Housing Refurbishment – The Standard Can be Raised

New Approved Documents Part L Construction Aspect Unaddressed
The ODPM circular 03/2003 dated 15th March 2006 is disappointing in that it fails to address certain thermal upgrading opportunities of existing dwellings, possible when replacement windows are fitted to existing housing stock. Aspects remain unaltered at the old 2002 level. However, a lower standard need not be accepted.

Existing openings in existing cavity walls can be improved and made more thermally efficient when open cavities are exposed following removal of existing window and door (frames).

The upgraded Type O is an insulated Cavicloser that is simply push friction-fitted into an exposed open cavity. The reveal instantly benefits thermal enhancement and the Type O re-establishes dpc integrity vertically between both skins of the cavity wall and between external skin and new frame. Type O Caviclosers compress to suit cavities of unusual and variable widths, and can be fitted in cavities as small as 20mm or as large as 100mm. The Type O also accommodates both straight and checked revels situations. The integral insulation promotes thermal enhancement every time a replacement window or doorframe is fitted. Thus construction need not be at a lower standard.

Details of Type O Caviclosers can be found in a new brochure now available from Cavity Trays of Yeovil. The brochure lists sixteen thermally beneficial closing solutions for new and existing cavity walls, including models that also function as a damp course and provide fire protection levels up to four hours maximum.

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