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Materials Update Release

The British Standard of rolled lead sheet for building purposes has changed and is now designated BS EN 12588:2006. Compliant preformed cavity trays with attached lead flashings are thus now using this new standard.

This new Standard specifies the designation, the requirements for chemical composition, the surface condition and the dimensional tolerances for rolled lead sheet. Lead sheet manufactured to this standard is intended for flashings, claddings, roofs, weatherings, preformed panels, damp-proof courses and similar building work.

The European numbering system for lead and lead alloys is based on Annex A to ISO/TR 7003 in which a unique number is allocated to a lead material (lead or lead alloy) in order to categorize it. The system is applicable to metallic lead materials standardised in European Standards, prepared by CEN TC 306.

It is recommended purchasers of tray systems supplied with flashings seek confirmation that all products are manufactured using lead produced only to BS EN 12588:2006.

Materials update release

May 2007

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